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Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire Coast is the most southerly coastal region in NSW.

  • As the name Sapphire suggests, this coastal region boasts the sapphire blue waters of the Pacific.
  • For the country lovers, Bega Valley, a large country town with rich dairy farming industry and Bega Cheeses, is a must visit.
  • Those fishing fans out there, the town of Bermagui offers gamefishing, one of the town’s main focuses.
  • For holiday destinations with beautiful lakes Merimbula is the place to be.
  • Further south, Eden, once well known for its whaling industry is now a perfect destination for fishing and whale watching expeditions.
  • The whale museum gives a fascinating insight into the history of the whaling industry and the surrounding temperate region.
  • There are many smaller towns and quaint villages offering arts & craft, Cobargo for example.




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