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Heavy Vehicle Driver's Licence

If you already have a car driver's licence and want an upgrade to either LR, MR, HR or HC licence, then look no further, for help is right here at  ASF Driving School.  Our instructor is an RTA Accredited Assessor with 20 years of experience in “How To Handle The Big Wheels”

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (CBA) is an alternative way of getting a heavy vehicle driver’s licence.  Using CBA you are assessed under a wider range of driving conditions and the assessment is much more flexible than a driving test.

    • Driver Training – Heavy Vehicle Training and Assessment by RTA accredited instructor/assessor.
    • Licence upgrades to LR, MR, HR, HC.
    • Only CBA

NSW Bus Driver Authority Training

The NSW Bus Driver Authority entitles a heavy vehicle licenced driver to drive a public passenger vehicle carrrying passengers and collect fares.  If you have any of the above licences and are interested in driving a bus/coach, then you need a Bus Driver Authority.  For your Driver Authority Resource Kit call now contact